The experience itself was incredible, from start to finish. We were able to make many wonderful new friends, of different nationalities and greatly improved our knowledge of English and functional skills. We loved it and are very grateful to be able to participate in this amazing competition.

Participating in BEO 2022 has been an unforgettable experience. I have laughed, cried, smiled... everything has been perfect and that is exactly what makes it the best and so memorable. I have met many people and built strong bonds with my team members. A highlight has to be the welcome party, the challenge of getting through the competition; everything ends up being a part of the whole wonderful experience.

This BEO 2022 experience has been a great opportunity to meet people from different countries and their different customs. In addition, it has helped us to practice and improve our level of English. Thank you for letting us enjoy the best spaces you offer us, such as the campus, excursions, visits and outings. We would like to see many more students from all over the world enjoy experiences like this.